Print these instructions by clicking the "print" icon on your Internet browser or keep this screen open for easy reference.

Step 1.

Log on to the web-server.


User name: public
Password: password
(all small letters)




Step 2.

If the screen is blank, press the <Enter> button



!! Helpful Tip:


If you see this screen, the session was aborted by a previous user. You will need to click the "Configure Sessions" link to the left of the screen and then the 'Start' icon under the ACTION column.




When you are finished with your session, please click the “Stop Session” button before you exit your internet browser.



Step 3.

Select the years you wish to search by entering the appropriate number in the option field and then press <Enter>



Step 4.

Select which division of the court you would like to search by entering the appropriate number in the option field, then hit <enter>

(If you are searching civil records skip to Step 9)


!! Helpful Tip:

If you press a key that is not recognized by the system, you will receive an error message. To clear the message, click the “Reset” button or press the <CTRL> key on your keyboard.


Helpful hint

Step 5:

Type the search criteria (only one line at a time) and hit <Enter>.


!!Helpful tip:

Notice the navigation buttons at the bottom of each screen. A new set of buttons will appear on each screen.


Step 6:

To select a record, position the cursor in the selection field beside the appropriate name in the (X) column.

Type X in the select field, then press <Enter>



Step 7:

Notice the options available to navigate through the record.


Step 8:

See the chart below which will describe the codes in each column.


A1 – Plea and Disposition Codes

A2 – Balance Information

A3 – Appeal Information

Plea Codes:

G = Guilty
NC = No Contest
NG = Not Guilty

Disposition Codes:
A = Amended
BK = Backlog entry (see narrative)
BO = Bound Over – Circuit
CC = Circuit Court Disposition
CP = Civil Penalty
CT = Case has been Continued
DM = Dismissed
G = Guilty
GR = Case is set for review
M = Merged
ND = Nolle Prossed/Filed Direct
NG = Not Guilty
NP = Nolle Prossed
P = Case is pending disposition
R = Reduced
RM = Charge remanded after appeal
TJ = Transferred to Juvenile
TS = Transferred to State
WD = Petition withdrawn
WO = Written Off Balance
WV = Waived and Bound Over
XX = Deleted – Data Entry Error


If the charge has not been disposed, the amount shown here is the standard fine and cost amount for the offense listed.

If the charge has been disposed, the amount shown here is the balance due for the offense listed.


If a code appears in this field, the associated offense has been appealed. A “Y” will appear until the Circuit Court informs the court of the appeal disposition. Once the case has been heard in Circuit Court, the appeal disposition is entered and one of the following codes will appear:


G = Guilty
NG = Not Guilty
R = Reduced
DM = Dismissed
NP = Nolle Prossed
RM = Remanded


Step 9:

Civil Search

Enter the search criteria and press <Enter>


!!Helpful Tip:

When entering a name or business as search criteria, it is not required to enter more than a single character. Typing a complete name narrows the search results, but can cause the results to be incorrect if a mistake is made in the spelling.

Step 10:

To select a record, position the cursor in the selection field beside the appropriate name in the (X) column. Type X in the select field, then press <Enter>

Step 11:

Position the cursor in the field beside the case you wish to view (in the (X) column.)

Type X, then press <Enter> to make your decision.

Step 12:

Type X in the selection field next to the desired party for which you would like to view details, then press <Enter>

Step 13:

To view Judgment Details,

Press <Enter>

!!Helpful Hint:

See Table 2 for judgment codes.

Step 14:

Notice the navigation buttons below all of the case information. Selecting these buttons will display more detail about the case.

Step 15:

If a case has been satisfied, an “S” will be displayed next to the “Closed:” field.

!! Helpful Tip:

If you get this screen, your session has timed out.

Click on configure sessions and then click the 'start' icon to re-start your session.



Table 2

Judgment Codes

JFD = Judgment For Defendant


JAD = Judgment Against Defendant


DAD = Default Against Defendant


JOP = Judgment on the Pleadings


CJ = Consent Judgment


FJ = Foreign Judgment


DM = Dismiss


DMW = Dismiss With Prejudice


DMO = Dismiss Without Prejudice


DML = Dismiss for Lack of Prosecution


DMS = Dismiss for Lack of Service


SUM = Summary Judgment


JNM = Judgment for Defendant, case dismissed


JAG = Judgment against Garnishee